Help with pst2webtop

Today I’ve tried to import my contacts in webtop.
If I’ve understood well, there is only one mode to import, I need to use pst.
I’m coming from kerio, so I had to install the provided software for syncing outlook and generate the pst file.
After that I’ve tried to import the pst using the pst2webtop script, but I’ve a problem.

   "Contatti" - 738 items done, 0 items skipped.

mv: cannot stat `/mbox’: No such file or directory
convertit(): Converting ** in /tmp/tmp.aFqjgEoc56/ to /var/lib/nethserver/vmail/davide/Maildir/.**
destination = .**
Skipping . : name begins with a '.'
Skipping … : name begins with a '.‘
0 files processed.
Events Folder found: /calendar
Import to webtop:
./pst2webtop_cal.php davide '/tmp/tmp.YvmXEt2q0L/

Contacts Folder found: /contacts
Import to webtop:
./pst2webtop_card.php davide '/tmp/tmp.YvmXEt2q0L/

If someone could give me some support…


Hi Divide,

On the webtop, you can import calendars from .ICS files and contacts from a variety of formats (VCF, TXT, CSV, XLS and XLSX) directly from the web interface.

If you have available a PST is very convenient pst2webtop the script, it is first imported all your mail in mbox user specified as a parameter of the script is then suggested how to import any calendars and contacts extracted from PST.

In this regard, you can indicate how you run pst2webtop script?
This is the syntax to use:
/usr/share/webtop/doc/ <filename.pst> <user>


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I’ve exactly used this syntax, and the result is what I’ve attached.
I’ve imported the calendar, webtops ask to add the ics, but I don’t know hot to add a vcf with all my contacts.
Thanks Luca

David, I had a doubt :smirk::
it is possible that in the PST file you want to import do not have the mail folders but only Contacts and Calendar?
You can check ?
Were you able to import contacts and calendars extracts from the PST with the script suggested by pst2webtop?

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I’m trying to use outlook connected to kerio, to generate a pst with all data.
Meantime I’ve used outlook to export in csv, I’ve renamed all the columns and then imported contacts to webtop.

While I’m testing webtop, is there the possibility to have a notification for an appointment on desktop?
Also the sonicle app seems to not support it.
In Kerio, the webpage open a popup for the notification.

If not, is there a client for windows that fully integrated mail, contacts, calendar and task?


Hi Davide,

AFAIK the desktop notifications are planned for the next version (Webtop5) under development and soon to be released.

Currently the only available mode of Webtop4 for remote synchronization of calendars and contacts is given by EAS but is only recommended for mobile devices.
Webtop5 In addition to ActiveSync will be available CarDAV and CalDAV.

@gabriele_bulfon, you can confirm this? :wink:

I’m going to migrate from kerio to nethserver with webtop, but maybe using nethserver with sogo I can use something like a client to have notification.
When will be released the new version of webtop?


It should not miss much time for a first beta version.
@gabriele_bulfon can be more accurate about the timing of the release.

It should be available shortly for a demo account to gather initial feedback on the new interface.
I am also very curious :wink:
I was able to preview some screenshots and it seemed very cool :sunglasses:

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