Help with how to create a Template of an XLSX file

Hello Team,

I’ve recently installed Collabora on my Nextcloud (version 27.1.7) and I’ve created a Spreadsheet file (.xlsx). I want to make this file a template so our manager can create a new file from the template, share the XLSX file with an employee to have them fill out the details in the Spreadsheet. When the Employee is finished they will send it back to the manager. Each XLSX file created by the manager will be saved with a specific date and we’ll keep the results completed by the employee on our Nextcloud.

Please advise what are the steps that I take to make this XLSX file into a template on Nextlcou > Collabora so that our Manager can create new files on a monthly basis based on the template. I know I can create an XLSX file (call It master) and the manager can copy this file, rename it and share the copied file with the employee. But I’m curious if anyone has done something similar but using a template instead.

I also suppose I could use workflow maybe or perhaps Tasks to assign the spreadsheet to the employee to complete. I’m not too familiar with how to send the XLSX to the employee and have the complete it and send it back to the manager. I know I can share it, but how does the employee let the manager know they have completed the XLSX (short of calling the manager and telling them).

Thank you in advance for any help or adviceyou can provide me on how to set the above scenario up in our Nextcloud.


Maybe this helps? Templates - Collabora Online in Nextcloud

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Thanks very much for this reply!

I did see that post you’ve linked. But it doesn’t give details on how to create the template? Are there details I can read on how I can create a template from my XLSX spreadsheet?

Thank you.

Isn’t that as simple as saving the document/sheet as ‘save as template’ ?

As for ‘create’ , well that’s up to you :wink:

Hello @LayLow ,

I don’t see an option in my Nextcloud Collabora to ‘Save as Template’ under the File menu? Am I looking in the wrong place?

Thank you.

In the Nextcloud administration settings you have personal and administration settings for the templates.

Here are the personal settings:

Here are the administration/global settings:


Thanks very much, @mrmarkuz for your reply!

Maybe I’m being thick here…but I still don’t see how or where I ‘Save as Template’? I’ve seen both of these locations in Nextcloud regarding Templates. But I still don’t know HOW to create a Template for my XLSX file.

Thank you.

I think you need to create your xlsx template file and save it to a Nextcloud directory.
Then you can set that Nextcloud directory as personal template directory or you upload one or more template files as global templates.


For latest release its documentation talks about File - Templates - Save as Template option. Don’t know if it applies to v21.11 as well.

Hello @dnutan ,

I was also looking for this in the File menu but I couldn’t find it. Perhaps a future update of Collabora on Nextcloud will have it. But for now I’ll have to use @mrmarkuz suggestion and create it in Excel and then upload it to my Templates directory.


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