Help with Github

Hi all.
I need to start use GitHub to work on a site write in PHP with a MySQL DB.

Two questions:

  • after I merge the code to master branch how I can deploy the site on production server (replacing old code)?
  • how can I sync and update MySQL DB structure?


I’m no Git expert, but wouldn’t this just be a git pull command?

For the code I think is correct. But I don’t know how to sync MySQL DB (if it possibile) and apply changes on production DB.

Does this topic on stack overflow help:

You need something much more sophisticated, take a look to or

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Hi all,

I had difficulties with git for almost six months, until I found those git tutorials:

gittutorial(7), gittutorial-2(7), Everyday Git[1], gitcvs-migration(7),
gitglossary(7), gitcore-tutorial(7), gitcli(7), The Git User’s Manual[2],

The best one to start with is:
# man gittutorial

Simple but amazing tutorials.

Why I didn’t check the man pages first instead of waiting six months? Better later than never!

If someone did not make such a mistake it’s because, it’s not been long enough that he’s working with computers!