Help with disabling Rainloop mail for some domain user

Hello Team,

I’m running Nethserver 7.9.2009 with Domain, Nextcloud and Webtop (mail) running.
I have created a domain for access into Nextcloud but I do not want this user to have access using mail. I’ve ensured in the Email application that this domain user does not have a mail address enabled. I can confirm if I try and send an email to this domain user my email fails and will not send.

But what I’ve discovered is that I can login to Rainloop on Nextcloud and login to Rainloop using this domain user account. I tested logging into Webtop using this domain account and was met with an error which is what I expected. But this is a problem where rainloop is allowing this user to login. I also discovered that from this account I can send emails out from this account in rainloop. I’m assuming this is because the Rainloop Admin settings are allowing this user to login.

I would like to have Rainloop available on Nextcloud for some users to use their own domain ID to login…but this particular domain ID I don’t wan them to have access to Rainloop and login.

Any advice for me on how to limit who can login to Rainloop and who can’t?

Thank you.

A patch could be… From rainloops’s admin area, configure domains and whitelist (so maybe everything that is not on the domain whitelist will be blocked) or install and make use of the rainloop black-list plugin.

So maybe we must find a better way to completely disable this email address so it cannot be used anywhere.

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