HELP! User "operator", password changed

NethServer Version:* your_version 7.9
Module: your_module
Many greetings to all Nethserver community,
I’m quite newbie to Nethserver and for error I have changed password to the “operator” user (believing it could be admin).

It could be dangerous for the system?

How can I reverse it? (setting with NO password?)

Thanks in advance for helping



And welcome to the NethServer Community!

First things first:

You should really read up a little on NethServer.
NethServer doesn’t really use the usual /etc/passwd or etc/groups - it uses an Account Provider, which you need to choose between AD and LDAP and then install (All one click from the Web-GUI Cockpit.
AD allows user/gropu shares, LDAP will only allow “public” shares.

Second: Tradition Linux/UNIX

If using the “traditional” tools to handle users / groups, you need to know where the stuff will be stored, so you can change it later!

Users: /etc/passwd
Passwords: /etc/shadow
Groups: /etc/group

You can change the user-password back to zero (empte) by editing /etc/shadow.

Some background Infos:

AFAIK, the user operator isn’t used in NethServer, so it should not be critical.
Still, I’d revert the change!

Hope this helps

My 2 cents