Help setting up a reverse proxy on nethserver

(Rhys Hazell) #1

Hi Guys

i was Wondering if i could get some help setting up a reverse proxy on nethserver. i am trying to setup external access to some internal web servers with out breaking sogo-activesync


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(Davide Principi) #2

A first attempt could be adding one or more Apache .conf files under /etc/httpd/conf.d. This is an Apache configuration task: NethServer almost does not care of what is inside that directory.

(Rhys Hazell) #3

thanks buddy I will give that ago so other then that it should be the same as regular apache


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hi buddy
is their a httpd.conf to edit from what i have seen i need to edit that in apache instructions i have found. im trying to achieve access to transmission and phpvirtualbox with out having add ports

sorry for being a Noob im still learning unix


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(Rhys Hazell) #5

still having no luck anybody able to help with the httpd.conf


(Stefano) #6

take a look here for an example:

and, since it’s a apache task, google for
"apache reverse proxy configuration example centos"

find an example that looks like what you need, follow it, try it, and come back with errors and/or doubts (don’t forget to post the link of the howto you followed)