Help or documentation missing

I am on the way to install different software package and cant find information which help me in my decision.

If I look in Software centre/Available e.g UPS support there are to additional options nethserver-collectd, collectd-nut
In Help and also in the documentation isn’t anything about this options.
The same with SOGo and Email

If someone like me don’t know deeply all of this different software and options he stuck.

What is UPS support/nethserver-collectd?
What is UPS support/collectd-nut?

The same questions for the SOGo options.

Uninterruptible Power Supply: yuo can connect it to a usb/serial port on NethServer and shutdown the system in case of power outage. Optionally, you can add collectd plugins to graph data from the ups.

Sorry @filippo_carletti that my questions wasn’t clear. I know for what the UPS is but I can’t figure out for what the different options are.
Means it that there are two different options to collect the data from the UPS?

No, you need two tools:

  1. collectd-nut to read data form the ups
  2. nethserver-collectd to store data

To view data as graphs you need a collectd visualizer, there are two options atm:

  1. cgp
  2. collectd-web

I know we need to improve graphs, it’s on the todo list for 7.

@filippo_carletti OK. I understand.
If I remember right I have to install manual the software to visual the graph.