Help needed with VLANs

Hi again, everybody! I need your wisdom.
I am beginning to investigate VLANs on my own, and I have decided to segment my network into several VLANs.
I have seen this switch which seems to be enough for what I want. D-Link DGS1100-24V2.

Basically the configuration would be something like this:


1- From the server’s GREEN network card, I would connect a cable to port 1 of the switch, configured with a static IP (

2- From port 1 to port 12, I want it to act like a “normal” switch. That is, if I connect my laptop to port 3 (for example), assign it an IP in the range from br0.

3- From port 13 to 16, VLAN 10 in the GREEN zone, with IPs for SmartTV

4- Ports 17 and 18, VLAN 20 in the GREEN zone, with IPs for IP phones

5- And finally, VLAN 30 in the BLUE zone, with IPs for the WiFi APs for the guests.

You would need all the VLANs that are in a green zone (br0, br0.10 and br0.20), see each other and the teams can share files.
It’s possible? Or would it need some other configuration?

As always, thanks for your help.


The idea is possible, but way to much overkill for a private household…

Having a special IP network for Smart TVs doesn’t make much sense either.
No PC, Mac, Android or iPhone will be able to connect for streaming or whatever.
For licensing reasons, these applications must run in the same IP network…
Sometimes it works using eg. mdns routing, but YMMV. More headache than working…

Besides the point that I don’t quite see what an IP Phone and a SmartTV want to share files with other…
If br0, br10 and br20 can interchange files and everything is “transparent”, there’s no benefit for vLAN usage… QoS? No… Security? - All transparent, what security?

But it’s doable. Evade using vLans 0 and 1 - these are often reserved for the default network.
Some ports will need to be multple-tagged… YMMV.

You CAN - if you really want - drive a quarter million dollar car like a Ferrari with high speed into a concrete wall… There’s no law against that, AFAIK.
But is that a smart thing to do?

vLANs is not throwing a quarter million down the drain… You may actually learn something.
But that would be the only reason…

My 2 cents

And you might find out that not all Switches with vLAN were built equal… Some are good, some waste your time, money and nerves… You chosen model isn’t too bad…

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Nice playground, obviously no need at home but sure in a lab, in a school, in a company it is a must have.

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Thank you all. I’m gonna think about it!

I would try something smaller to learn, i had my share learning “on the go” past months, painfull, ahahaha, try something simple at first and go from there.

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