HElp Incresing VM storage space in Nethserver

I had a VM deployed, with a boot storage, as well as another storage presumably for data and other things, both 100 GB.

Upon suing the server, i recently discovered the storage been full, after checking inside Nethserver, i noticed that only the boot volume had been used and the other one was not even partioned/ formatted.

I removed the other storage, since it was not being used, and increased the sotrage size of the boot volume to 210 GB, i only noticed then that, the new storage as shown inside Nethserver, has 2 partition,s the initial 100 Gigs, and another one of 110 gigs,

as shown above,

how can i increase the DIsksize so that NExtcloud works ok and stops screaming storage full?

After trying to create partition, i get this

how can i merge the two partitions,

i have tried following this, but even got more confused

userguide:nethserver_and_proxmox [NethServer Wiki]