Help - Cannot access login

NethServer Version: 7

Hello everyone, I have done a fresh install of nethserver 7 from ISO on Vmware Workstation 12 using the Interactive installation method. The installation goes through normally without errors, i have 5 ports ens33 - ens 37.

I had already installed it previous to this on the same machine for testing without issue.

But this time i cannot login to the machine. I can ping the server at (was assigned via DHCP from my testing modem. and i can also access the WebServer page at but i cannot get to or, the browser times out.

I have tried reinstalling three times and each time it is the same situation. I am lost, spent all day googling but haven’t found a solution yet, can anyone please help me.

I am not good with linux so if you have suggestion please try to put it as simple as possible

Much thanks

Sounds weird, can you access by ssh? You should check

systemctl status httpd-admin



I figured out the problem.

Rather embarrassing to say but i enabled communication between the host and the vm-nethserver and could connect to the server-manager from the host, which then led me to disable the software firewall on the host machine and like magic i could connect from my laptop.

Feel really stupid, have set up countless virtual servers and never had this issue so i never thought to check that lol.

Hopefully my stupidity will help someone save some time in the future. Thanks Alessio for your time.