Header and the left menu for applications


Why there’s no Graphic Chart for all the tools?
The Nethserver look like this:

But the collected tool look like this:

And the Ntop tool has another look

Is it possible to have this tools look more “Netserver”?.. At least the header and the left menu :grin:

Reorganize properly the main left menu
(Alessio Fattorini) #2

What do you mean? If I undestood correcty customize modules adding a NethServer sidebar and header?
What’s the purpose?


Yes, at least…
Actually it’s look nothing well polished

(JamesMillar) #4

Collectd and nTop are two separate tools maintained by separate groups. I believe what he’s looking for is to have those tools open in an iframe window within NethServer instead of opening a new tab altogether.


I was searching without remenber the exact word.
I already seen it with Joomla … the html element iframe