HDD size question

Hi, I am back from being very lazy in rolling out NS7 for home use. I have an active pfsense box and since I have another decent box I thought I should really try our NS7. I have a 160GB SATA 3 Gb/s drive and not sure if it is enough to try out NS7 in full swing. So is 160GB adequate?

DELL Optiplex 960
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0Ghz
8GB PC2-6400 DDR2 Memory
2 PCI NICs + 1 onboard NIC.

I would say more than enough disk space. My NS system resides on on 80GB drive which also hosts the metadata portion of my Plex library, still with space to spare.


Imvho 16gb is minimum disk size for a durable setup. Maybe can be installed in less space, but…

NethServer base install doesn’t use that much diskspace. As soon you start using the fileserver module and store files, you need diskspace.
I have 2 NS7 instances on my proxmox server:
1 as Gateway with 32GB disk and 1 for all other services with a 600GB disk. The rest of my 2TB diskspace is for experiments with other VM’s and containers.

I reckon that a complete NS (and CentOS) installation could be stored on a minimum storage device of approx 10GB safely - 8GB for the root partition and 2GB for a swap partition (NS could be install on a smaller partition and the swap could either be smaller or omitted, but I would suggest that the above size as a recommended minimum specification).

Obviously, if you are intending to use NS as NAS / file server (via Samba, FTP or Webdav) then you will need to account for the file storage capacity and / or modify your partition tables / fstab configuration to represent your storage requirements.