Has anyone removed red interface and all gateway/UTM packages

I’m currently running 7.9 as my main gateway/router connected directly to my cable modem. But I’m looking at getting a new gateway/UTM device to use for those functions and relegate my Nethserver to just another machine in the LAN hosting mail/fileshare/VPN (if needed)/etc.

Are there any issues/caveats I should be aware of in removing the red interface and all the unneeded packages.

Are there any packages, which appear to be tied to those functions, that might still be needed, like firewall, as I know that Shorewall is part of the base, but do I need to actually modify it for a single NIC installation.


Before delete RED interface, be sure that a GREEN one is present and bridged/connected to the same subnet of your PC.
After removing the assignment, don’t forget to add a gateway to the IP configuration of GREEN.

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