Has anyone ever used NethServer?

Today, thanks to @vhinzsanchez suggestion, I read this topic:
And I just wondered you’re all sysadmin, do you know any social/forum/LinkedIn/blog/site/Facebook group for IT pros? What about raising the same question over there and link the discussion here?
If I’m alone in this I can reach just a few groups but what about do this all togheter? /cc @robb @jim

Has someone ever used NethServer?
Yes, I did…an continue doing…

It’s why I already doing with self-hosting communities… But self-hosters undoubtly prefer Debian based solution, the Debian social contract is really strong, but the main reason is the way to upgrade a Debian, really easy without necessity to reinstall.

To shake “social communities” with Linkdn, Twitter, Facebook… It could be a good thing, but I’m not a “social network” user, I really old-shool :smiley:

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