Hardware Appliance

Does anyone recommend hardware aplliance for Nethserver Firewall?

We use these products: https://www.pcengines.ch/apu.htm

The hardware support a pretty standard NethServer installation. We do only some simple optimization.


Ehi man, what’s up?
Any RH/CentOS 7.3 compatible HW is ok for NethServer

Said that, I need to add that NethServer Enterprise customers can buy things like that:
with NethServer pre-installed


Hey, sorry to bring back this old post, but I would like to know if you still using apu2 as base hardware for the firewall appliance, also it’s possible to buy directly from you guys the hardware for home use?

I would like to test NS as firewall for my home ( currently running on proxmox as vm ) and instead of buy hardware from some random seller on Amazon or eBay, I would like to use an official appliance.


Can I purchase one of these hardware appliances as demoed in the picture?

Yes we still use it, they have good performance for small isntallations.

I think you need to be partner to by from the site, but I’m not so expert about it.
@alefattorini could you help here?

Thanks for the answers @giacomo

Damn, i would prefer to give some money to you guys insted to some pc-engine reseller :wink:

I saw here there are some specific tweak for the appliance boxes, how can i apply it ? Can i just edit the cfg files of the NS installed on the apu2 after a successfull installation or there’s another way to apply it ?


I agree with you :smiley: Since we had no news from @alefattorini, let’s try ask @davide_marini or @nethcman.

Just install it with yum:

yum install nethserver-box
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At the moment we don’t sell NethBox to non-Nethesis reseller.
How many box do you need guys and for which use?

Oh, ok i understand, just wish i could support the project as a home user :slight_smile:
I don’t mind to pay an increased price on hardware appliance (like i did with netgate stuff, overkill for home usage ofc) if the money will get directly to the developers :wink:

As a sysadmin, i want to fully test a product before reccomend it to my costumers, and what’s the best test then my family; with kids playing games, not allowed to watch “strange website” (proxy, l7 filtering :slight_smile: ), wife watching youtube / netflix (bandwith shaping :wink: ) and an instant feedback if something it’s not working as expected ( aka ppl screaming at me if they can’t play / watch movies :smiley: )


Thank you for responding. Like @francio87 I like to test hardware before I sell/install them at businesses I manage. Currently all my NS installs are virtual but I’ve had a few clients have needs pop up where a dedicated hardware gateway device makes sense.

Appliances with NethServer pre-installed can be purchased from https://www.firewallhardware.it/ AFAIK.

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Mmm not yer really :smiley:


Actually they sell APU’s but without NethServer pre-installed (probably if you contact them they will install), it’s not a big deal, it’s pretty easy to do :slight_smile:

The whole point is: Do the selling from that website give back money to you guys ? I just prefer to even pay a lil more but make sure a bit of my money are used to support the dev’s :wink: