Hard Drive Control

I am a long time Ubuntu user that would like to switch to something a little more user friendly. I also need some way that I can run a simple network/router and file server (NAS) from one box. I know that many think that this is a bad idea, but I have had this setup with Ubuntu and pfsense for about 3 years with out a problem. That said, I think your product would be a much better solution. My only problem is I need to be able to add hard drives and combine hard drives into a larger volume (Raid-0) some way. Also It would be good to be able to partition and check on the health of the drive. If you could point me in the direction of a way to do this with NethServer I would be sold! I am fairly comfortable with command line coming from Ubuntu. Thank you


Welcome! Glad to see you breaking the ice :wink:
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I think that someone like @nas could help here

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Sorry for the re-post, but I did read through the discussions first and ether missed how to do this or read old posts so I thought I would ask to see if anything had changed or someone could point me to a present solution. I guess I will try mdadm through command line I just thought if there was a tutorial already out there it would help me command settings compatible with NethServer.

Anything is changed, sadly you’re right, we haven’t implemented it yet.
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