Happy Father's Day / Feliz Día del Padre

Happy day to all father’s of this family.

My son Aaron, my sysadmin


Happy father’s day.

In Brazil, it’s in August…:wink:


That beautiful moment brother. Congratulations. … ¡¡Que ojazos!! Dios bendiga a tu familia.

My son, after noon, in the social networks, assured me that he loves me. He reminded Me that this is a day tax for commercial purposes, but wants to see me after Tuesday, ending the school

I also love him greatly :hearts: . Jesús is 16 years old


Gracias Hermano, Feliz Día para ti también.

Saludos y fuerte abrazo.

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Ok jim, but the certain thing, for both mothers and fathers are happy every day, together with our families.

August 14 is coming soon

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That’s my son! He can’t walk for now, so he’s crowling towards the sea…


Dios los bendiga, y Bendiga todos los niños y niñas del mundo.


Is the automatic translator forget to do the job?

sorry, God bless you, and bless all the children of the world.

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This translator is funny.

A test: Este Translator is divertido :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It is therefore important to remember the rules we have agreed on posting on the forum. Freedom of languages, for the moment, in the ‘Chat’

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On the Jgjimenezs, 23 min, I don’t have the little planet to translate…:anguished:

It can be a small bug

Yes, please try to respect it. We have topics devoted to this


Wao Lo mas bello del mundo … los niños y disfrutar con ellos. Dios los Bendiga!!!

Feliz dia a todos los padres !!!

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