Guide to the use of dpi libraries

Hello everybody saw that in nethserver have been integrated the dpi libraries I wanted to know if there is a guide to the use of the same
thank you


Here you are:

It’s not much, but if you tell us exactly what you’re looking for, we can improve the documentation.

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And you would be really comfortable creating a guide to use



I totally agree… a didactic documention is lacking.

On a forum I found some help for
Iptables -minds --help you get the basic commands for running them
Example: iptables -mndpi --prote facebook, twitter, instagram, windows_update
In the example, facebook, twitter, instagram and windows_update are blocked

iptables -mndpi --help
is correct

We can add more documentation, but I need to know what you’re expecting to see on it :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t need any technical documentation to use is, since you can do everything from Firewall Rules page.
By the way, you can find more info here: (see also links on the README).

@m_farlotta did you find enough information?
If you have doubts, please ask here and I will try to answer to any question.

This should be a good starting point for improving the doc.

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That’s a good way to address the request. Documentation should answer some questions. What are the questions?