Guide about switching from Zentyal to NethServer

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Thanks Tom for this great idea! I’d like to make a guide about switching from Zentyal to NethServer, it may be very helpful for newcomers and zentyal refugees.
Can we join our forces sharing our knowledge? @EddieA @fmoreira @robb @AZChas @Asrix @jessetn @transocean @8omas @Yure @islipfd19 @1111 @Pascal_Michard @hendrik @douglasdiasn @Alejandro_Guerra @Nexus @denis.robel maybe i forgot someone’s name

We have many many opened topics about it:

Which parts should we cover? Multi-wan firewall? VPN? Mailserver?

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Don’t forget file server, (samba and/or nfs).

I’d like to bump this discussion involving ex/currently Zentyal users to share their experience so we can pull the together into a comprehensive guide. We can start with a generic guide: what taking into account and what being aware of.


from my point of view a general guide will be impossible because of there are to many different scenarios …

Some of my thoughts about a migration:

  1. Migration scenario from running Zentyal server to a new Nethserver (maybe to a virtualized machine or complete new independend hardware)

  2. which services running under zentyal, are available under Nethserver too all?

  3. transferring users, groups, file shares, ACLs etc… we have to solve the problem with samba 4 integrated ldap (Zentyal) and openldap - how can we automate the migration of domains, users, groups, file shares and ACLs, email accounts etc. .

That means the whole infrastructure and services without data (the metadata)

  1. automated file sync maybe from Zentyal duplicity backup, setting the right, new ACLs on Nethserver

  2. automated syncing the e-mail accounts with imap sync

  3. groupware data can only be synced easily by sogo-tool [link] [/link]

  4. what’s about the jabber chat histories ?

  5. Proxy server filter with filter rules

  6. Network infra structure: networks, interfaces, gateways, network objects, dhcp …

Maybe we should focus on 2., 3., 4. and 6. !

Automating the migration of the network infrastrucure, firewall etc. is to complex…

This are only my thoughts about a migration from Z. to Nethserver. Maybe somebody have additional hints or maybe some solutions.

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Thanks Denis for your reply

Nono, I’d like just to gather as many scenarios as we can to help newcomers from Zentyal.

I agree, we have already many discussions about

How did you have address this problem? Which issues and solutions? Could you please describe your scenario?