Guest Wifi Landing Page

First off please excuse my ignorance, I am not a full time IT professional, just doing the best I can with a family business.

Background: We recently ran into a software licensing snafu with an outside contractor we hired to do some mechanical design. Apparently his $20k software was pirated, having used it on the network we ended up having to buy multiple copies for multiple infractions he committed. Needless to say he will not have the opportunity to cause this kind of harm again. However I would like to take steps to cover us legally in the future.

  1. All in company users have been required to sign network use and liability agreements. (done)
  2. I would like to set up a guest (Blue Zone) network with a dedicated (no DNS associated) IP. Furthermore I would like is that anyone who uses that port meets a landing page first and has to agree to terms of use before being allowed any access. The first part I can do, and yes the only reason we were legally culpable is because our IP has an (A) record associated with it. But I don’t really know were to start on the second part. And any guidance would be appreciated.


NethServer Version: 7

You wan tto search for ‘captive portal’ I think a commercial version of NS has this feature, but with some 3rd party software you should be able to create this with NethServer too.

I have 2 ubiquiti Unifi AP-AC accesspoints that have this feature. You can have a look at that. To aid with unifi AP-AC accesspoint you can try

Thanks, I found what I was looking for in DD-WRT, “nocatsplash” will be setting it up shortly on a wrieless access point attached to a Blue port with dedicated external IP. Problem solved. Thanks for you help.