Guacamole Not working with Port Forwarding

NethServer Version: NethServer 7.9.2009
Module: Guacamole

Nethserver and Guacamole are installed and working perfectly fine when accessed directly by ip address. When done port forwarding, I am able to see nethserver welcome page, but when I do, I am hetting This site can’t be reached took too long to respond. Please Help.


Can you provide more information regarding your network setup and what is doing the port forwarding?

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Server: Windows2016
ISP has assigned the ip address of behind their firewall, and I have a public IP that is getting forwarded to it(all ports). My dhcp/firewall server IP address is a vm on the server) , and nethserver\Guacamole is installed on ip address a vm on the server). Port forwarding is happening on the windows server with the ip address

Hi @vmakol

You don’t state it, but I assume your Windows 2016 server is running Hyper-V to run your VMs.
You also don’t state which port(s) are being forwarded.
Also missing is the info from where are you testing? Internally, from the Windows server GUI?
Or are you actualling trying to use an internal LAN IP from the Internet, eg via a Smartphone Hotspot to test? (Internal LAN IPs do NOT work over the Internet!).

AFAIK, Guacamole needs a https access. In your LAN screenshot, you are using
Wheras in the Port-Forwarded version, you’re only using http, not https…

It depends if you’re forwarding both (80 & 443) or just a single port, but NethServer has no way of knowing that… (Possible issue).

Does using work?

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Thanks a lot. Looks like I am making some progress. I was not forwarding port 443. I am able to get guacamole on I wasnt). Its still not working from the external IP address. I think its an issue with http vs https as the browser keeps trying to connect vis https, and not http. I am out of my league here. Any ideas on what to try next?

I am using Windows server 2016 and Oracle Virtualbox.

Any ideas?


Is ANY site on NethServer accessible from external (Internet)?
Maybe it’s just a Windows Firewall / Portforwarding issue?

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yes, to test it, I pointed a domain to the public ip address and I can access it with http:// (its just nethserver welcome page)but not with https://, even though the SSL is in place. In either case, I am unable to get to guacamole.

Maybe try erasing the port forwarding on your Windows Server and redoing the whole port forwarding (80 and 443)…?

To eliminate port forwarding, I turned the firewall off completely with the same results.

I don’t think that Windows firewall works like that…

Well, since it’s working from the “LAN” side, I’d say it’s either an issue with your ISP / Port Forwarding / Firewall / Windows 2016, but not with NethServer.

I do know quite a few firewalls, but as you haven’t provided any info on yours (The VM, not Windows 2016) I can’t provide any hints…

The next issue is that this is not a Windows support forum, nor one for unnamed firewalls. :slight_smile:

My 2 cents

Thank you.