Guacamole Nextcloud Nethserver Module needed


This is a complimentary request for what @edi started on Nethserver Guacamole Package?

I am not a developer hence I wish to call for developers in this community to help me out creating a module that can be integrated into nextcloud.

Below are few examples that already achieved what I am looking for

  1. Rainloop email module
  2. XMPP module
    These modules call internal ip addresses without the need to forward ports on the main firewall
    they use proxy ngix

Our desired module is necessary in order to eliminate the need to type username and password.
No need to make it so complex and link it to the LDAP, you just look at rainloop how it functions and implement the same for the Guacamole Nextcloud module.

This is very practical module for tech support , for teleworkers and is an integral part of the collaboration suite.
Currently it is working with external link Guacamole Package?


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