Guacamole Extension Installs

Hello @mrmarkuz,

I believe you may know the answer to my question. I’ve installed the latest Guacamole on my Nethserver. I’d like to adjust the Logo and Text on the login page. There is an extension I can add:

Do you have advice for me on how to add extensions to a Nethserver Guacamole? Or if I don’t need this extension, how I can add my own logo and modify the text on the login screen?

Thank you.

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Thank you @mrmarkuz, just what I needed.

To add to this discussion, updating an existing ‘branding.jar’ file is the easiest way to get this done. Here’s a tip for anyone…the following post:

Look at the post from June 22, 2017 on this thread from rhawkins. They have provided their snakeden.jar file. This was a very nice file to use to base my branding.jar file on. Updating with my logo and modifying the html file gives the Guacamole Login page just a bit extra to make it look professional IMO.

Hope this helps someone else!