Guacamole cannot be found

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.9.2009 (final)
Module: Guacamole

Hi Everyone,

I need some help to get guacamole working.
Just built a new server and installed few components:
WEb Server

All works fine, except Guacamole.
I have installed 3 wordpress sites as vhost, and the all work fine. (example:,…)
After i install guacamole, i can not access it through link.
The site and works fine, but for guacamole it opens the wordpress stating the site can not be found.

Even though i did not follow the steps from the WIKI:
config setprop guacd VirtualHost
signal-event nethserver-guacamole-update

I did follow Guacamole - The requested URL /guacamole/ was not found on this server? - #4 by dnutan, and uninstalled, reinstalled guacamole, but issue is the same.
It does work through ipadress/guacamol.

Any help is appretiated.

Thanks for your feedback, I can confirm the issue. I’m going to provide an update asap.

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Thanks for the response Markus. Let me know if you need more info/step on my end :slight_smile:

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Please test the new package, it should be possible to access Guacamole from any domain even if there’s a webserver virtualhost using the same domain.

yum install

It only works if the VirtualHost in the config is empty:

config setprop guacd VirtualHost ''

Apply the changes:

signal-event nethserver-guacamole-update


Thank you very much Markus. That solved the issue for me.
Appreciate you taking this on on a Sunday :slight_smile: