Group Permission with Shared Folders

Good day, I have added a group call private and added several users to the group. I then created a shared folder call s-share. I then changed the owning group to private. When a member of the private group try’s to mount the folder from Windows 10 it ask’s for their credentials it fails with user name or password incorrect. (its the same for all users - user name / password fails).

The documentation reads: “Group owner
The owning group of the shared folder, only members of the group can access the folder.”

Have I missed a step to allow the group to access the folder thru windows share?

Thanks for the Help!!

we need more info…

is W10 joined to domain?
if not so, is W10 in the same workgroup of NS? and, more, does an user with the same username/password exists in W10?

The windows machine is joined to Server 2012. I think the issues is the Nethserver will not join the domain. I am using the domain admin account to join the Nethserver to the domain.

well, if the client is joined to a DC, you can’t authenticate elsewhere… join NS to AD…
if you have any issue, please report here being very verbose, thank you (no “it doesn’t work” is not enough)