Great Success/Deployed Nethserver 6.9

Hi All,

Just had a successful deployment of a Nethserver to replace an aging Untangle. I used an old IBM x346 server slapped with a 3Com 3c980c for additional ports (Donald Becker, thank you).

I have a multi-wan setup with 7-8 different groups sharing the Internet. I bonded the remaining ethernet for the Green interface.

Since Nethserver does not have a way to throttle bandwidth per group, I accomplished that by putting them all behind a Cisco switch and do it from there.

Only problem now is how to get some Nethserver swag.


Thanks for your post, so you’re an untangle expert. I’m very curious on the differences.

Why Is NethServer better than Untangle from your point of view?

I suggest you even this discussion

Do you mean by IP range? Take a look at this

That’s the place! NethServer Store is opened!

  1. Fell in love with the policy route. So easy. I could dive in and do it the hard way but why would I if there’s an easier way?

  2. Strength of Untangle is is the packages they include like web filtering. Everything else is just the same with Nethserver.

  3. We throttle by specific bandwidth per group. Say the finance group will only be given 5mbps, sales and marketing 10mbps, editorial 20mbps and so on.

Fell in :two_hearts: ?

What do you mean? Blacklists? We include web filtering too

Apologies, I should’ve been more explicit.

What I like about Untangle is that each service is independent from each other which are basically two things: rules and logs.

Untangle has a rich pre-defined rules that you can just enable/disable at will.

Untangle can be easier to use for people who are new to firewall+utm.

A website got blocked? Check the Web filter rules and logs. Untangle’s Web filter also allows you to block a site and add a comment/reason that the user will see on the page.

I really have to give Ease of Use points to Untangle. I can monitor what went thru and what was blocked by each module without having to grep/awk logs.

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