Graph of all the hosts in DHCP

Is it possible to have a graph of all the hosts in DHCP in order to easily have a view of the IP addresses not yet assigned?

Has anyone developed a plugin for this?

Not sure for that in cockpit, but for netgui i am sure not.

Btw what is your need?

Edit: maybe a supervision software could do the trick

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I need to realize immediately, which ip addresses have not yet been associated, to have a vision of the whole

Just out of interest, what is the size of the DHCP range we’re talking about here?

What is the purpose or reason for wanting a visual report of this information?

What are you trying to achieve?


2040 hosts in DHCP.
When I have to assign an IP to a Host, instead of wasting time searching for a free IP, if I had a visual, I could find it immediately and in addition I could order the Hosts in order to create ranges more easily.

This use case could be interesting.
@nicovon, could you attach a mockup?
I don’t think we can use any of the data viz available:

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What is the reason for the majority or all 2040 hosts essentially requiring their IP addresses to remain the same?

Easily replace devices which are dead with new ones supplemental.

If there are certain devices which require static IP addresses, the assign them static IP addresses.

IMHO, using DHCP to assign reserved IP addresses based on MAC addresses for 2k+ devices is overly administratively heavy.

Normally the dhcp server should set the hostname of the dhcp client to the dns server of nethserver

In short your dhcp client should be reachable by its hostname on your network.

Obviously it doesn’t fix your issue but it could be another way to solve it

Hi, I don’t have a precise idea. As naive, I thought this functionality had already been developed

my nethsecurity is set this way. The host that connects to the network receives a temporary IP, which is part of a range associated with a profile where it is impossible to navigate. For this I have to manually enable browsing by reserving an ip to the host. depending on the type of filter required, I will choose an IP of a specific range

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This information is helpful - I can see what you want to do and Microsoft has actually setup this sort of functionality within their own DHCP service.

Having a graph or report to show which IP addresses are being used and which IP addresses are available is good and helpful, a better solution would be to actually automate what you are trying to do in order to take out some of the heavy manual administrative work that is involved.

Just not sure if that is achievable with the NethServer GUI and it would require a lot of CLI commands.

hello, are you working on it?

No I’m not, at least not me