GPO issues, seems not applyed

Hello everyone.

I use gpo i my nethserver domain, but sometimes it looks like a new gpo remain stucks somewhere.

I do gpupdate /force on windows client,
I can see that that gpo it is applied by gpresult

but in my case, for this specific policy i dont see the key in the register applyed.

I can troubleshoot what’s going on?


NethServer Version: release 7.9.2009

ok I solved by myself. gpo management could be tricky.

Ehi Stefano nice to see you again. How did you solve it?

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well , there wasn’t anything wrong with Nethserver, mai problem is to be able to link correctly the policy to the OU or user, but OU must contain users too or at least a group of people otherwise will not enable a user configuration policy just becasue a computer lies there.