GoAccess - Visual Web Log Analyzer

could we add go access for analytics of websites into Nethserver.
WE managed to add it inside CWP(https://control-webpanel.com) and considering cwp is a multi tenant system, it works great. so it should be possible to integrate it with nethserver.

As seen in this chat


And produces JSON files… am I wrong or Cockpit “likes” a lot JSON?

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Let’s start with an how-to install :slight_smile:

available in epel

yum install goaccess

then to play just a bit with

goaccess /var/log/httpd/access_log -m --log-format=COMBINED

I considered it when I did the dashboard of apache, but definitvely yes the json rapport could do a lot of interesting things

is that just the way to isntall it, and it works with all the domains and websites hosted on netherver?
i guess there must be some more tinkering to do.

if you want something like a CLI, it is done, but you can generate html page, or json output that you can use later in your web page, you can export to a database to generate report later, it is really powerful


I found that there are problems with the stats generated since 1 July 2023, all owners of the logs under (e.g. /home//cwp_stat/<daily/monthly/weekly>/*) are root, since 2 July 2023, and the stats generation on 1 July 2023 is skipped. Also, all of my CWP servers have the same problems.