GLPI update but disable plugins?

Hello everyone, I just updated GLPI to ver. 10, unfortunately I realized that the installed plugins no longer work due to the recent GLPI. I saw anyway that plugins require version 9.5 > =

Roll back or wait for updated plugins.

Ok, if you can’t do otherwise I’ll wait …

can we have the translation in english of the banner ?

indeed plugins are missing maybe, could you check

More or less…
Your registration to GPLI Network is not valid.
A registration, at least a free one, is requested for marketplace
Register on GLPI Network and inserr your registration key into installation

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If I didn’t misunderstand, but I registered here’s:

The plugins are missing, at least it is not released for the ver build. 10. I also tried the glpi plugins - agent

But I can’t find the BSD agent!

@france keep posting screenshot in italian will make understand what’s written only to me and italian speaking people of the forum. Not for everyone…

@france kindly register for an account on the glpi subscription site, then after doing that, copy the key given into glpi.

I have already provided for free registration.

Hi, however I saw that modifying the fusioninventory configuration string and varying it with that of GLPI, it is compatible, as I had read and understood that they are compatible. Clearly the agent is not GLPI’s.