Glpi - fusioninventory and package distribution

Hello everyone, I installed GLPI and fusioninventory on nethserver. I use version 0.90 of GLPI. I can’t distribute the packages to install them on clients, the task procedure stops at the entry that has not yet been finished but it doesn’t go on.

I only uploaded the executable file and no other action.

I enabled the deploy module in the agent installation and now it works, but not entirely. Only the execution remains forever …

Can you help?



Unfortunately no, I haven’t used GPLI since SME-Server, several years ago…


My 2 cents

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Anyone else?

cc @support_team

Maybe, Is the FusionInventory-Client already installed on the Clients?

I used Windows GPOs to install the FusionInventory-Client on Windows 10 to connect to GLPI-latest… Let me search my notes…

Edit: FusionInventoryAgent


So I know for sure that the problem is related to the rights of the FusionInventory Agent service, someone says it should be run as a user account. I wanted to use fusioninventoy for software distribution because having the complete inventory of PCs, having the ability to update the software to wide distribution. Although all PCs are credited to AD always on the neth server, I use GPOs to install the software of my interest, but I wanted to make fusioninventory work at all costs.

Maybe … @stephdl could suggest something . :wink:

use nethserver-glpi-latest nethserver-glpi is too much old


Yes stephan I already know! I even have another neth server with the latest GLPI. But the primary server to which I am very fond … and being the primary AD and other services in production, I wanted to keep GLPI. I could authenticate the users of the first nethserver on the second, but I want to make the first one work. I’ll ask you a question instead, if I uninstall GLPI 0.90.5 and under var/www/htmnl/ I create a new GLPI regarding the Mariadb configuration etc. can I make it work? I don’t have the ability to create any VirtualHost because of the existing configuration…

You have to search about mysql upgrade from 0.90 version to 9.5.x

I must admit I have not much searched it, I even do not know if it is possible

Edit: it should be possible

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Could you send me a dump of your database i could test a migration to 9.5.x

I will drop you the command line asap

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Okay, thank you. But if I understand correctly, by dumping or backing up that I find inside GLPI, how do I extrapolate sensitive data into content so that yours can do tests? Thank you as always.

Well not sure it could help your issue but maybe it could make a track to an upgrade to 9.5.x for old version.

Please be kind for me and before the mysql dump set to glpi the password glpi, then do the dump and set again a new pwd for this user

mysqldump glpi --default-character-set=utf8mb4 --skip-dump-date --ignore-table=mysql.event --single-transaction --quick --add-drop-table > glpi.sql

send me by email or by dropbox link

the databse migration from 0.9 to 9.5.x seems good, i think we have a migration path

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Nice job Stephane, how do you intend to proceed? Do you want to release the procedure on your blog? Anyway, thank you to the coin.

Let me review the work tomorrow, we will test it together

Yes, I misplaced my question. I just wanted to say that given the commitment you are making to upgrade, if working and tested I will release it to your repository. However, as far as possible based on my knowledge, I will be happy to help you with the tests as well as benefit for our community