Github is down, what are you doing?

appologies brother. is it back yet?

Demand and supply

yes but I preferred to go out for a walk during one hour


That might help, it’s late night here, and we have curfew… so cant go out now here…

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I see you already began working on the sympa module… cool.

Wish i slouwly also be able to work on modules as fast. slowly learning the inner working of Nethsever.

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this can help you then

have also tagged you here: ArkCase solution for Legal community


From Italy seemed browsable. But i don’t have a login.


Well, Github has now got all the “features” of Microsoft…
Your browser just needs rebooting! :slight_smile:

Using Linux, I’ve NEVER had to reboot a box because of a Text-Editor update. That’s not quite the same when an Office for MS comes by…

Mes 2 centimes


I cannot push my commit, I cannot create a PR


I see my start page, but clicking on ANYTHING shows a timeout… :frowning:

Please use gitlab NethServer :smiley:


At least their status confirms it:

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down, github is down

Seems working again…

in austria yes, not in France. I should come to your country :smiley:

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I’m writing the docs :wink:

BTW it works here in :it:

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OK, so I could even make the best choice, live in the dolomites mountains

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Eating salad and don’t give it a damn… Sorry :wink:

I think this should be seriously considered. Microsoft has aquiered Github 2,5years ago. Maybe some integrations are ‘convenient’ but don’t forget that Microsoft is one of the 5 super large data-grabbers destroying the internet as we know it and abusing your Github account metadata. Connecting your GH account with several other accounts profiling you all the time.

IMO this is against the philosophy of opensource and as an opensource project we should not encourage destructive behavior like MS shows.