Github is down, what are you doing?

Github is down in France

I think I need my gitlab


appologies brother. is it back yet?

Demand and supply

yes but I preferred to go out for a walk during one hour


That might help, it’s late night here, and we have curfew… so cant go out now here…

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I see you already began working on the sympa module… cool.

Wish i slouwly also be able to work on modules as fast. slowly learning the inner working of Nethsever.

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this can help you then

have also tagged you here: ArkCase solution for Legal community


From Italy seemed browsable. But i don’t have a login.


Well, Github has now got all the “features” of Microsoft…
Your browser just needs rebooting! :slight_smile:

Using Linux, I’ve NEVER had to reboot a box because of a Text-Editor update. That’s not quite the same when an Office for MS comes by…

Mes 2 centimes


I cannot push my commit, I cannot create a PR


I see my start page, but clicking on ANYTHING shows a timeout… :frowning:

Please use gitlab NethServer :smiley:

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At least their status confirms it:

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