Gila National forest

Forwarding all this compliments to my fellows!
Welcome Dave :wink: I’m really curious about your Gila National Forest close to Fort apache reservation! :smiley:

@alefattorini We have thousands of acres of wilderness here in Catron County, which is actually bigger than the whole state of Rhode Island, but since there is very little ‘deeded’ land, most of it is national forest land, so the population is currently under 5000 people for the whole county! There is about 400-500 people in Reserve and surrounding areas.

I think we are probably closer to the Navaho and Zuni reservations than the Apaches. It’s beautiful country up here (by up here, I mean we live at 1981meters (6500 ft) above sea level). The weather changes very quickly at high altitude, and we can have snow at night sometimes, and 65 degrees F. (18.3 C.), the next day, during the winter, all the way through April. Average yearly rainfall is usually under 12 inches total. High desert country. :wink:


Wow @xmechanic just exciting.
I like to take pictures with my reflex camera especially in desolate landscapes.
Please, could you post some pics within this post?

What do you think @alefattorini? Are you curios?

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Yes. totally!

I will dig out my old Fuji digital and see if I can get some good pix over the next couple days. Stay tuned! :wink:

Dave Land


Wow! Sorry for the delay folks. It’s been crazy here the last couple weeks. Here’s a few pictures from the immediate area. I will try to get up on Luna Mt. in the next week or so and get some better shots for you. :wink:


Great pictures man.

Great photos! I like horses!! Thanks man :wink:
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Thank you Dave ( @xmechanic) for sharing these pictures with us!

I don’t like very much horses but I like very very much desolate ladscapes! :wink: