GID/UID - AD integration with CID

Hi there,

I currently use the CID to integrate my xubuntu computer, the integration into the AD is child’s play.
But integrating my shares annoys me a lot more.

So far I’ve always done the integration through pam_mount, it doesn’t work properly with the new AD.
There are problems with user mapping.

When I am logged in, I can search for the shares (enter login data) and insert them as a link - everything is fine.
However, I prefer mapped directories to a network link.

Even my years of integration via NFS is not working properly.

What I have now found that the GID on the server and client do not match, can that be exactly my problem?

How best to fix?


Server =

[root@openzwo etc]# id gerald.musch
uid=1934401106( gid=1934400513(domain groups=1934400513(domain,1934400512(domain,1934401114(,1934400572(denied rodc password replication,1934401113(

Client =

gerald.musch@NAND-APC1:~$ id gerald.musch
uid=111106(gerald.musch) gid=110513(domain users) Gruppen=110513(domain users),4(adm),20(dialout),24(cdrom),27(sudo),30(dip),46(plugdev),121(lpadmin),131(lxd),132(sambashare),111106(gerald.musch),110512(domain admins),110572(denied rodc password replication group),111113(privat),111114(allgemein),10001(BUILTIN\users),10000(BUILTIN\administrators)