Getting VirtIO working in Proxmox?

I have nethserver virtualized in proxmox, but I can’t get the VirtIO paravirtualized ethernet adapter to work. The other emulated adapters work just fine. Does anyone know how to get it working, or is there another 10gb adapter to use?

Look for CentOS 7 tutorial.
On the OS layer, NethServer is nothing more than that.


Centos7 and NethServer will both correctly recognize and use VirtIO drivers.

VirtIO was developped by RedHat - there are even certified by Microsoft versions, if you use RHEL… But generally, any RHEL based distro willrecognize and use VirtIO drivers and hardware.

Drivers are included in NethServer / Centos /!!!

Not onlx for NIC, but also VirtIO-SCSI, VirtIO-Balloon… Actually all, including the Qemu-Guest-Agent. (Not a must, but more reliable shutdowns if using UPS)…

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