Getmail stops working after a while

I noticed getmail (pop3 connector) stops working after a while.
I solve rebooting the server, and then, after 3-4 days, getmail simply stops fetching the remote mailboxes again.

Nothing interesting in maillog or messages log files, it simply stops trying to fetch.

Any suggestions?

If I try to type the command (took from the getmail cron):
/usr/bin/getmail --getmaildir /var/lib/getmail/ --rcfile /var/lib/getmail/ it just works.

Thank you

Can you see any error message in /var/log/cron and /var/log/messages?

no, nothing relevant in the logs.

It seems the issue is more on the cron side.
In the /var/log/cron I just see the last getmail command launch by the cron, which is really outdated.

Yesterday, after many customer complaints, I decided to modify MX record of the domain to route e-mail directly to the server, and I disabled pop3 connector.

I need to do some investigation on a non production nethserver installation.
One thing I noticed was that if I relax the frequency of the e-mail fetches (to 30 minutes and not to 10 minutes), getmail lasts longer before stops working.

If I’ll found something interesting I’ll report here.

Thank you