Getmail Public Mail Folders

(LR) #1

I would like to connect Getmail to a public mail folder, what are the options besides a user’s filter to deliver directly to the folder? Is this possible in the web frontend?

(Michael Träumner) #2

which folder do you mean? Getmail takes mails from another mailserver and put it to local mailboxes.

(Filippo Carletti) #3

I think that @kunstlust would like to deliver an external mailbox directly to a public folder.
That would mean adding the list of public folders to the list of users in the web user interface and modify the delivery code to support public folders.
I think we can add the code, we need to do some tests to check everything keeps working.

(LR) #4

That’s what I want. It is sad to be able to assign only user accounts in then web user interface use to Getmail.

Thank you very much

(LR) #5

can’t we solve the two problems at once? How to set the multi-drop by default? is this to set in the default mail template 10@?