Getmail logs +15 characters

NethServer Version: your_version 7rc4
Module: your_module getmail POP3 connector

successful actions are logged in the default file but errors are mailed to root@theserver, that’s kinda clunky… imho

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Thank you for the feedback! I dont know getmail but I agree with you!

So what’s your proposal?

Everything to root? Everything to log? Ignore success?

I think an error message to root makes sense, because admin could not look at every log every day. But messages about success are too much.
Success and error in the log to have a clear view could be a good idea. But an additional message to root abaout a failure makes sense.


Well, the log tells me there’s an email to root@domain when the error is written… so idk, but I know when getmail failed I went looking for the log. Maybe getmail should have it’s own log?