Get time zone at first boot

Hi All,

Currently experimenting with getting a best estimate of the time zone at first boot;
(Of Course) working on arm we do not have a nice graphical install interface as anaconda.:disappointed_relieved:

Aim is to make the first config wizard even more user friendly.

From the command line this gives me the correct time zone:

curl && echo " is my timezone"

Europe/Amsterdam is my timezone


timedatectl | grep zone

Time zone: Europe/Amsterdam (CEST, +0200)

Does this work for other user all over the world?

thanx in advance

Works for me.

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Europe/Vienna is my timezone :+1:

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[filippo@filippo-v6 ~]$ curl && echo " is my timezone"
Europe/Rome is my timezone

TZ is right.

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Europe/Berlin is my timezone :clap:

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