Get-oui and get-iab issue

(Stéphane de Labrusse) #1

@filippo_carletti made a PR that we are talking and I found a bug on all my servers, it could probably comes from my side but it is strange

what is the output of get-oui and get-iab on your server…

This is what I have on virtual servers in my lan (proxmox and virtualbox) or on remote servers (under proxmox)

[root@prometheus ~]# get-iab
Could not get IAB data from
[root@prometheus ~]# get-oui
Could not get OUI data from

(Gabriel GHEORGHIU) #2

Two days ago, I received this.
The server is a dedicated email server, bare-metal, placed in DMZ.

(Stéphane de Labrusse) #3

in fact the website does a redirection (by symlink ?) to

but it fails on my side :-?

Let see others please

(Rob Bosch) #4

What should be the correct response on a get-iab or get-oui?
If I do this on my server I don’t get a viewable response in terminal

I will check my 2 other servers…
on my main home server (running all services except gateway) I have “the problem” too:

[root@ns7 ~]# get-iab
Could not get IAB data from
[root@ns7 ~]# get-oui
Could not get OUI data from

On my 2nd ns7 instance at home which is configured just as gateway, there is no problem.
btw, my VPS is also configured as gateway and has no problem.

(Stéphane de Labrusse) #5

this should be good thus

(Marc) #6

Received same email as Gabriel on physical server.

(Stéphane de Labrusse) #7

so…two servers are working (@robb and @filippo_carletti), three guys with the bug

(Rob Bosch) #8

make that 3 servers working (2 from me and 1 from filippo) and 4 with a bug (me, dnutan, stephan and Gabriel)
Curious if the fact that the working servers are gateways and the non working server is not a gateway has something to do with this problem??

(Marc) #9

till august was ok. From late september it failed. Same problem on a virtual machine.
Changing only the url works ok:

get-iab -u
get-oui -u

EDIT: Found these pending PR for upstream arp-scan:

On upstream get-oui source code the url changed to; for get-iab no change in current code other than the pending PR.

(HF) #10

My result:

[root@srv01 ~]# get-iab
[root@srv01 ~]# get-oui

So no output. Server is gateway

(Markus Neuberger) #11

I can confirm it’s working on 1 gateway and not working on 2 non-gateway servers (green interface only), 1 virtual and 1 bare-metal.

(Stéphane de Labrusse) #12

my main server is a gateway too but it fails

(Stéphane de Labrusse) #13

yep, during the dev of the modules I tested it, I recall that it worked