Get Active Directory Users and Insert Into Mysql

Hello Guys, I have a custom CRM solution that i would to synchronize data between Nethserver AD, CRM and Zammad, for different case scenarios.

I am going to be using an Opensource self hosted Zapier Alternative to achieve this.

currently, i am able to fetch and update data into existing crm using N8N, and i am also able to use the builtin API to fetch and update data into Zammad.

I was wondering, how can i be able to get records from Nethserver AD/Ldap

Available options are query, Http request, json and many other forms.

who has an idea on this.


Some ideas:

You could use ldapsearch to get the users, there are instructions in the wiki.

/usr/libexec/nethserver/list-users gives you a json output of the users.

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i can see how that might be used, considering n8n has the option to execute ssh commands

I think someone heard and somehow saw my needs and cry and implemented the functionalities to fetch and manipulate different data functions with AD and Ldap.

here is the function module:

n8n-nodes-ldap - npm (