Generall Linux question on jobs / processes


I need some help - less on Nethserver - however related to commands / bash:
I set of some long running copy processes using “&” to bring the processes to the background. I also used disown to release the process from the shell. Now I got some exit code [1]. Is there any command / option to look which exit code / error message was generated? I noted the PIDs, however I did not redirect the standard output to a file (e.g. >error_messages.txt).

Some of the jobs are already closed and the shell itself is also closed (while some of the processes are still running).

Thank you for any tips.

Instead of pushing tasks into the background using “&”, take a look at screen. It will allow you to run in a shell, then disconnect it to continue running with no terminal attached and then reconnect later to continue.


Yes, nice, but too late :slight_smile:

when you have to launch a command on a remote server that needs more than 2 seconds, please use screen

When the terminal is closed by a network issue, the process is stopped, during a yum update, you can break a lot of thing :slight_smile: . With screen if the connection is lost, you can still come back inside the terminal.

I reckon you have other software that could do it .