General backup question regarding eMail (Sogo) and MySQL

NethServer Version: 7.5
Module: none


I have a question about backup and restore on modul specific data.

Currently I use duplicity backup from the web front end. This is fine to restore lost files form the directory structure.

But by changes: Does anybody know how to restore specific backups especially for:

  • mail box
  • a SQL database

I guess mail boxes may be restored via /var/mail and (in my case) sogo backup routine of user settings & data. Is this correct? Is there any standard procedure desribed in order to restore the mailbox of user foo?

I do not see a specific routine for sql databases. In my case I run some databases within the mariaDB sql module e.g. for home automatisation and a club administration. My basic Idea is to set up an SQL dump using cron to a specific directory which is then incorporated into duplicity backup. To the best of my knowlege, such procedures must be set up manually. There is no sql dump setting / setup within the module itself, correct? How would you handle that? Is there any better / alterantive purposal?


mariadb databases are included in the backup:

dump of mysql tables

There’s automysqlbackup too.

It’s possible to restore a mailbox from command line: