General admin's manual review for ns7 final

As we are approaching the long awaited NethServer 7 Final release I started to review the long forgotten Administrator Manual (source code).

Who would like to help on reviewing and editing the manual?

This is a brief checklist:

  • fix typos and bad English sentences (sorry…)
  • fix inconsistencies with actual UI
  • add missing parts
  • link parts together

/cc @docs_team


I can help to fix typos


Thanks Michael for your support :slight_smile:
That’s a great opportunity to involve the whole community, it’s very easy to check typos

We need now more than ever of someone who can look through our documentation, proofreading the texts and fix our broken English :relieved:

Looking to you
@painkiller895 @macwunder @Adam @Sean_Maloney @Gardia @Raximus @medworthy @Huxy @tim @tzar @EddieA @jmbak @Bluelake @xmechanic @Steven_Queue @Rustie @tejay77 @jlibster @schanze @GannErik @jjsherman @Christophe @FixitFelix @aduff @dwj @royceb


I’ll help as much as I can as well.

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How would you like for typos to be reported?

You can edit it directly it on github and make a pull request. @dnutan did we have a doc once?

I don’t remember… But there are some editing guidelines

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No problem, as and when

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I could have a quick glance over as and when I have a spare moment if you like?


I am quite busy at the moment but like @bwdjames, will try to review the document when I have some free time.

Thanks guys @Bluelake @bwdjames @medworthy I appreciate it, PR are welcome :smiley_cat: