Full migrate outlook 2016 to nethserver 7.5

hello to all I wanted to know if there is a guide to completely import all that is outlook 2016, messages, address book, etc.
in nethserver
thank you

How does your environment look like? What kind of mailserver do you currently use? Is it just 1 mailbox or a lot more?
I have migrated my mail from another postfix instance to NethServer using imapsync

If it is just 1 mailbox, just create the mailaddress on nethserver and add it to outlook. Then copy or move all mails + contacts from outlook to nethserver.

When all mail is moved, you can choose to use another mailclient, either web (Webtop, SOGo, Roundcube) or any other mailclient like Thunderbird or similar.


Webtop supports importing from Outlook PST: