From a consumer society to a contribution society

It was one of some magisterial talks I saw yesterday…we are now in : le temps de faire!

In short and in English, we are now in a epoch where we have to do something…we are accustomed to get things, to have software for free and without any efforts.

You need a calendar, a mail and its webmail, a web space, some friends, all are offer for free by the web {2,3}.0…but it is not like this it works…your data are sold :slight_smile:

Nothing is free in this wild life, so you must make your little space of internet and to do it with NethServer (why not ?). However you must in return help the project. I’m sure you can find a place here in this community, you can do something, whatever the skill you have, forum assistance, graphic, code, troubleshoot bug, documentation…etc.

We now have to help back a free project…stop to simply consumer the skill of others and help them to make the best product.

My pic is a game, try to find a guy with the Nethserver Sweat shirt.

The next time I want to host a talk on the module development


Any pics or slide about it? Sounds interesting

yep done :slight_smile:

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sounds interesting

Spotted! :eyeglasses:

here he is!

If you’re interested in this topic