From 0 to 7 months

Simply community report of last 7 months


Numbers are already wrong we have already passed the 500 users mark! :grinning:


Between the 262 badges for “first post” and more 1521 Netserver installations on the map…
And perhaps installations not referenced…

Numbers are not too wrong the reality is around theses numbers :smiley:

Look ahead… The better is coming :grinning:

Sure! We are just warming up the engines! :wink:

Now there’s 1600 Nethservers installation…+81 In one day !!!

But I’m personally know #2 Nethserver instances.
You are right… All is wrong :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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On distrowatch:
Popularity (hits per day): 12 months: 128 (85), 6 months: 144 (68), 3 months: 114 (97), 4 weeks: 55 (227), 1 week: 29 (437)

This week, 437 clicks per day.

Can we see the statistic of the main site for this week? To see if this interest on Distrowatch bring visitor on the main site?

I just have stats on ISO download, @alessio should have the site stats :smile: .

Here we are, sorry for italian labels: