Friends, I will get into programming

Friends that programming languages can indicate to me that they are easy to learn or that it does not take me so long to develop, I am using C # for a personal project of a sales system.

my client lent me a pc to finish my project


A code language is adapted to a project, either because it has been used first or because it fits well.

First you need to talk about the project to decide which one is the best

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Friend, how are you? here improving everything thanks to God, but tight with the jobs in my city. I am working in c # in a project of a point of sale system for invoicing for entrepreneurs, due to the aftermath of the covid I have had many migraines and anxiety attacks I am learning to handle it. My project is already at 45% of its operability. I am using mysql for the database.

I want to dedicate myself to programming due to the economic problems in my country and city. create alternatives to very expensive and profitable systems.

Of course I am dedicated to cybersecurity and audits in the networks, but here nobody believes in that. It is something that I try to get them to understand and to take technology as it should be. Many do not want to invest in computer security but they love clandestine bitcoin mining and many here do it for the low cost of electricity.

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