Fresh Installed nethserver - Dashboard not loading

Hi there

this are my first steps with nethserver.
The system is fresh installed on a 128GB M.2 SSD.
Along site 2 10 TB hdd as Raid 1.

After rebooting the server the Dashboard doesnt load. It says
The following command has failed:

The command /usr/bin/setsid /usr/bin/sudo /usr/libexec/nethserver/api/system-task/read | jq results to
“steps”: -1,
“event”: null,
“message”: “no running tasks”

What to do now?



And welcome to the NethServer community…

Did you install NethServer 7.9.2009?
If so, there is no “Dashboard” anymore, you can still install it from Software Center.
The newer Interface is Cockpit, it’s available on Port 9090.

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yes NethServer 7.9.2009
And yes - i’m connected on port 9090 and yes it says Dashboard.


The whole App is called Cockpit. And Cockpit has a Dashboard…

The old Interface was called NethGUI - also had an Overview / Dashboard…

Then it’s working - at least to an extent.
Can you access software center and see about updates? There should be quite a few…

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nothing is working on the left side.
I’m connected via ssh.

Would it be possible to remove all packages starting with nethserver- and reinstall them?

Thank you.


Sry, had a visitor…

It’s easier to install directly the whole NethServer from CD or USB…

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  • reinstall all base dependencies

yum install @nethserver-iso

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I you tell us a bit how you installed nethserver?

Did you use the nethserver-iso or installed it “on top” of CentOS?
Did you set somethings on the commandline (ssh) after installation? If so which setting did you make?

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Of course -
I have a Fujitsu D3433 Board with 16 GB Ram and a 120GB Samsung M.2-Sata SSD.
Also 2 10TB HDD (configured later on as raid 1) for data space.
The system should work as an archive with syncthing installed.

I’ve dowloaded the nethserver-iso and installed from that.
After the installation everything was ok, so I configured the raid (and synched).
The only settings i made was the absolutely needed - hostname and so on. No other/special settings.
The only package installed in the nethserver is SoGo (just beeing curious).

After finishing the installation I shutdown the system and moved it downstairs to the final place and powered it up - thats all.

Now I have the Dashboard-problem.

I can access the system via ssh and I believe the fastest solution will be to restart from scratch and download the iso again.

Is it possible/remcommended to install a pure centos and add the nethserver later?

No, using the iso is the preferred way.

Did you do this in the server-manager (cockpit) or on the command line?
It needs to be at lest an second level FQDN i.e. : localhost.localdomain

Maybe the LinkStatusMonitor does not play along, have to amid do have no experience with soft-raid.

As @Andy_Wismer said, probably yes.

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